team member comments

Daniel – Undergraduate Cadet

I heard about the cadetship program while in grade twelve when a recruitment firm presented at my school. I enjoyed accounting at school so I decided to inquire about the jobs available to fresh-faced year twelve graduates. I was pointed towards DFK Hirn Newey who offered cadetships to year twelve students who wanted to study accountancy at university. I liked the idea of earning while learning, so I decided to apply with DFK Hirn Newey to be a part of their cadet program. After going through the interview process and then receiving the offer to work as a cadet at the firm, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. However, after starting at the firm, I never regretted my decision to accept the job.

Working as a cadet, I am able to alternate between full time study with part time work, and full time work with part time study. The alternation process and the firm’s flexibility with study leave around exam block allows me to achieve a work-life balance, as well as success with my university studies.

I get the opportunity to work with a diverse array of accountants: partners, managers, senior accountants and other cadets like me. I perform work that allows me to put my university studies into practice and I am encouraged to ask questions and seek help whenever I need it, which makes me feel supported and part of a team.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a cadet and I would encourage anyone who is seeking a career in accounting to follow the same road.

Kathleen – Senior Accountant (former Cadet)

I commenced my cadetship with DFK Hirn Newey in 2008 and I was fortunate enough to be offered a permanent full time position when I graduated. As a cadet, I was constantly supported throughout the whole process of completing my degree. I was given time off for study, and have had the opportunity to draw on the extensive and diverse firm knowledge by asking staff at manager and partner levels their thoughts on different areas of my study. From cadetship and graduation I have now also completed the Chartered Accountants Program with great support from the firm. DFK Hirn Newey has provided me with an amazing opportunity to gain real world experience whilst also completely supporting any additional study or training.

I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients and on projects both big and small. I am continually being challenged and learning new skills and being given more responsibility. DFK Hirn Newey has provided me with a wealth of experience, training and flexibility and has been an amazing place to learn and work.

Linda – Manager

DFK Hirn Newey has provided me with the opportunity to work on an interesting client base and on issues beyond the day to day compliance work, all in a family friendly environment. The firm has great systems, which allows me to work from home if required and with the added benefit of flexible working hours I have been able to keep my professional skills up to date while raising a young family.

The training provided is excellent and all the accountants are encouraged to participate in these sessions. The DFK Hirn Newey cadet program ensures that the firm continues to attract younger accountants – this promotes a culture of learning and mentoring.

DFK Hirn Newey has a diverse range of successful clients. I find it challenging and rewarding to be a part of the growth of both DFK Hirn Newey and their clients.