estate & succession planning

Our expertise in this area includes identifying the most appropriate structure to ensure the right people end up with the right assets at the right time, and in the most tax effective manner.

Asset Protection

We provide restructuring services which enable you to increase the protection of your assets from creditors and litigation claims. In addition, through our network of connections we can arrange appropriate insurance policies which can also achieve this result.

Estate Planning

Our relationships with lawyers who are estate planning specialists allows us to assist you in building a vision of how you would like your estate to be administered, as well as providing the financial and structural information needed by the lawyers to ensure your Wills and associated documents achieve your goals. Whether you have a simple structure or control a large number of entities, we can assist in this process through our knowledge of your business and structure. Where appropriate, we can fully implement any change to your current business structure required as part of your estate planning, as well as arrange for insurance policies where appropriate.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

We can assist you in the preparation of your Wills and Powers of Attorney through liaising with trusted lawyers who are experts in this area on your behalf.