DFK Hirn Newey would like to congratulate DFK International on being named Association of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin Industry Forum and Awards 2015.  To win this category, DFK International had to demonstrate the execution of profitable growth strategies, be recognised by the industry a a reputable brand that consistently delivers high-quality professional services and excelled in a number of key strategic and operational areas over the past 12 months.

In announcing the winners, the International Accounting Bulletin said:  “DFK International is the second fastest growing organisation in the top 10 global associations in financial year 2014.  It has expanded its presence beyond its traditional footholds of Europe and North America an added members in all regions.”  The awards ceremony is aimed at UK, European and global accounting firm leaders and brings together some of the most prominent figures in the industry.  Our firm has been affiliated with DFK since 1991, and we once again congratulate DFK International on this well earned award.