DFK is one of the fastest growing accounting firms in Australia with an increase of 24.4 per cent according to BRW. DFK provides big firm expertise, without the cost that usually follows it, together with strong local business knowledge.

The increase of 24.4 per cent brings DFK to number eight on BRW’s list of fastest growing firms by revenue. “I’m not surprised to see us there. We’ve had a good organic growth together with acquisitions”, says Robert Shelton, spokesperson within DFK.

Business services advisory was up 33 per cent and generated close to $5 million in revenue. Audit increased by 30 percent to $10 million. Over the year Advisory has been a very attractive area since many companies have been seeking advice on how to cut costs. Businesses are now more conservative and cautious about ensuring how to get value for money.

“The DFK group is well positioned to look after business clients, whether they’re growing or cutting costs, using our big firm business expertise coupled with our strong local knowledge”, says Robert Shelton. “The DFK group also has national and international connections which brings a valuable wider perspective in our advice to our clients.”

2012 is an exciting year for DFK; celebrating 50 years with gala activities in Paris, increasing its sponsorship and building its relationship with Ronald MacDonald House Charities through different activities, launching a platform for free business advice for SME online as well as educational webinars.

“We know that time is one of our client’s most valued assets and wherever and however we can assist, we will”, says Robert Shelton.