Appointment of New Managing Partner

Gavin Johns Managing Partner

It is my pleasure to announce that Gavin Johns has been appointed as Managing Partner of DFK Hirn Newey. Gavin's appointment actually occurred earlier in the year, however with the volume of communication and other disruptions caused by the COVID-19 crisis, we thought it better to let those issues settle a little bit and not let this important announcement be diminished in any way.

Gavin has been a partner in the firm for over 20 years and has been instrumental in assisting with its growth and development. Despite the challenges that we are all facing, as we navigate our way through the current global pandemic and into what will be a new post COVID-19 world, we are confident that we have prepared ourselves well and have a more than capable leader to guide us through.

I also wish to acknowledge and thank Paul Haupt for his leadership and guidance as our outgoing Managing Partner. Paul has led the firm as it has grown from strength to strength and has positioned the business to be in the best possible condition to successfully pass on the reins to Gavin and in doing so, for him to add his charm, professionalism and entrepreneurial skills.

On behalf of all the partners and team at DFK Hirn Newey, we welcome Gavin as our new Managing Partner and look forward to many successful, and no doubt interesting, but certainly rewarding years ahead.

Paul Fiumara


DFK Hirn Newey Pty Ltd