consulting services

Management consultancy covers a multitude of matters. Assistance can be given which will provide a sounding board for clients’ ideas and a professionally documented assessment.

Typical areas of management consultancy are:

Business Coaching

Like we see in the sporting world, those in business can also benefit from having a mentor or coach to assist in their growth and development. In response to this need, DFK Hirn Newey has added Business Coaching to our range of professional services.

As our clients’ trusted advisors, the experience we have attained in dealing with the problems facing a multitude of business clients over the years puts us in a very unique position. We are able to draw upon this experience to best assist business owners in achieving their goals.
Our structured approach to Business Coaching deals with the peculiarities that exist in all businesses and we will consult with you to develop a program specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Business Information

Can be provided both from local and international sources. Through our network of referrers and other extensive information sources that we have available, arrangements can be made for specialised business information to be provided to clients as is required.

Business Negotiations

Negotiations can take many forms, including the negotiation for the purchase and sale of a business. Negotiations can also take place in relation to sale contracts and consultancy agreements, royalty agreements, and copyright agreements. Trade unions and tribunals are also forming an important feature of the business scene. We can assist in these matters by providing a third party view and also a presentation skill.

Business Valuations

We have extensive practical experience in performing business valuations. As part of our DFK Australia network, we have access to specialist valuation experts. We are recognised pharmacy valuers and are on the pharmacy valuation panel for the National Australia Bank, the ANZ Bank and the Bank of Queensland.

Also, in cases of a conflict of interest e.g. where the same accountant services two parties to a business, we can act as an independent third party to ensure that the valuation is reasonable.

Corporate Restructuring

By understanding your goals and vision for the future, we can provide analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a current business structure, as well as recommendations of alternative business structures and full step-by-step implementation of the change to a different structure which better suits your needs into the future.

Feasibility Studies

can be made of new projects, new product lines, new investments and an assessment made of the prospects and desirable locations taking in to account not only marketing and purchasing requirements, but also fiscal considerations.


Are often carried out in conjunction with a management consultancy assignment. They may however, also be carried out in relation to the purchase and sale of businesses, the public listing of a company, or even in cases of suspected fraud.

Management Succession

Recruitment and internal development of the next range of senior executives so that retirement can take place without prejudice to the continuation of a successful business.


Assessment in conjunction with the clients’ sales staff of different marketing strategies. We can also assist in the assessment of the effect of particular product development and pricing.

Matrimonial Valuations & Negotiations

Divorce is a trying and testing time for all involved. We can assist with practical experience gained from assisting our clients experiencing divorce and other matrimonial matters.

We can offer insight and understanding as well as work through often complicated tax structures to achieve a fair outcome for both parties. Our skills in valuations and tax structuring come in very handy at these times.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In the case of business expansion, clients may look at acquiring similar businesses or expanding into other fields. We are able to advise on the most advantageous way of achieving the best result for both the acquirer and the vendor or other merger party.

Staff Remuneration

Assistance with proper overall remuneration packages eliminating areas of possible disagreement between employees. Advice can also be given on employee incentive schemes and share option arrangements. We are able to assist clients in securing of the maximum after-tax net benefit of such arrangements.